The internship programs are part of the mandate to develop the manpower required for our current and future activities. Students who are accepted into the internship program and perform meritoriously will be motivated to apply for the graduate student program. We believe that the internship training is a valuable resource in identifying and motivating students to join a career life. At DLK Career Development Centre provides the best summer internship program is the primary internship program of the Institute for all BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, BE, ME, BTECH, MTECH and MBA students and is offered during the months of May and June every year. Your career improvement journey starts with personal reflection, focusing on your interests and motivations. You will develop your knowledge of the job market, functions, companies, and industries. Once you have targeted your desired roles and sectors, together we work to prepare your applications for internships and jobs.

What You’ll Study in MSC Internship will introduce students to the basics of the MSC. We will also build some Real-time Applications.

 * Program MSC: a credit-card sized computer
 * Python programming for MSC
 * Interacting and configuring the RPi OS
 * ARM 11 architecture
 * Porting of Linux Kernel and booting RPi


 * Java
 * Dot Net
 * IOT – Internet Of Things
 * Big Data – Hadoop
 * Raspberry Pi
 * NS2
 * MatLab
 * Embedded System
 * SEO
 * Digital Marketing
 * PHP
 * Web Designing
 * Cloud Computing
 * Data Mining
 * Android
 * Mobile App Development
 * Amazon Cloud
 * Web Mining
 * Software Testing

Recent to choose us

 * Experience Learning from the Real-Time Experts
 * 100% Placement Guarantee
 * Live Project Training
 * Professional On-floor Training
 * Client Management Skills
 * Project Management Skills
 * Business Communications Skills
 * Professional Development

Future prospects

The MSC Internship training prepares you for a career and includes an internship to boost your employment ability. Bringing together employability activities from across professional training DLK Career Development Center offers support such as mentoring, CV writing workshops and helps with internship applications.

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