In today’s hyper-competitive job market, internships have become a must-on CV for any engineering student. Many engineering college students need to go for internships, however, they’re now not actually certain why they want to do an internship? Or what s the cause of an internship? They are simply told that doing internships will assist them to get a job.

So why do businesses/ employers select students who had completed internships?

Employers trust that engineering college students with internship experience when compared with people who did not, have better talents and capability to work hands-on on live projects. They also have higher knowledge of work in industry and consequently can take effective career decisions.
In the course of internships engineering, college students are supplied with an effective platform to determine out their own private priorities and get real insights into how corporate work. This makes the agencies paintings easy as college students who had already accomplished internship knows about the company work way of life and don’t require a lot of education on them.

Now and again internships will expose engineering college students on what career course now not to take to be able to help them to discover their place of interest. This could assist them now not to waste time on an incorrect professional direction. Even at internships, college students get comments from different specialists on what competencies they need to work on and what are regions they should enhance. This will show to be a treasured get rid of point for engineering students.
In case you are an EEE student looking to go for the best EEE internship training program in Chennai, this text will provide you with some precious insights approximately internships.

What we do

THINK   |   DESIGN   |   R&D
We think, design and research, and development on the latest technologies, Prepare base works.

We develop the projects according to university standards. Execute the concepts.

We train the students on different technologies, Deliver the project on time and provide reports and PPT materials.

Who are eligible to apply for EEE Internship Training Program?

 * Students from any Graduation, say B.E & M.E and any other can apply for this Internship Training which provides the students to have real-time exposure to Industry while studying itself and to put in practice what he or she is learning at college.


 * Industry Recognized Certificates will be given at the end of the Training program.
 * Certificates will be given based on the number of attended days in the training period.

Profile of Trainer

 * Trainers are from Top MNC Companies and Technology experts for Internship Training
 * every day a new batch is started so the students can come and join in any day according to their convenience.
 * Industrial Internship Training in Embedded System and Artificial Intelligence.
 * We are conducting Industrial oriented Embedded system training and preparation of Embedded Kit for BE ECE / EEE / EIE.

During Training Period:

 * We will provide Real-time Projects
 * Internet of Things (IoT) projects.
 * IEEE-based Project.
 * We provide Materials, Certificates, and Counselling for Mini and Main projects to the students.

DLK Labs Courses/ Training Programs:

 * If you are planning to develop your skills by doing projects, we at DLK Career Development Centre Labs have developed some amazing project-based courses that make learning by building projects super easy.
 * You can either enroll for our online courses to build projects in your home at your own convenience or you can join our hands-on training programs at one of our venues.


 * Java
 * Dot Net
 * IOT – Internet Of Things
 * Big Data – Hadoop
 * Raspberry Pi
 * NS2
 * MatLab
 * Embedded System
 * Digital Marketing
 * PHP
 * Web Designing
 * Cloud Computing
 * Data Mining
 * Android
 * Mobile App Development
 * Amazon Cloud
 * Web Mining
 * Software Testing

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Vadapalani. Chennai-600026.

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