ECE or Electronic and Communication Engineering are one of the most versatile streams of engineering branching out into hardware, software as well as embedded. It offers you the power to enhance your logical and problem-fixing skills while learning the overall concepts of electrical, electronic in addition to communication. As an ECE student, you can go for DLK Career Development Centre ECE Internships Training in any of the given areas primarily based on your interest


Hardware designing is one of the primary aspects of electronics studies. You can intern with one of the various organizations involved in IC design, PCB design and components design. The idea is to design low-power components, ICS based systems and discrete factors like wave guides, connectors and switches. In the course of your embedded internship training tenure, you may find out about deep sub-micron technologies, electromagnetic idea standards and the working of ICS.


The software of semi-hardware designing essentially includes the programming part of the electrizing hardware. Here, you can check out FPGA programming, Micro-controller programming, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and HDL verification. You ll be more often than not usage of languages like C, C++, and Matlab.


In the embedded system, you ll research a combination of each software program and hardware areas of research.

Technical Skill Sets ECE Students Should Lookout for

 * Analog design:  Intricate knowledge of circuit design, regulators, concept of amplifiers, oscillators, etc
 * Digital design:  strong knowledge of signal processing, C, C++, digital circuit concepts, VHDL, SystemC
 * Control design: MATLAB, Simulink, C, C++
 * IC design:  Knowledge of Xilinx, Altera, Cadence, ADS
 * Embedded Programming: Microcontrollers programming


 * Java
 * Dot Net
 * IOT – Internet Of Things
 * Big Data – Hadoop
 * Raspberry Pi
 * NS2
 * MatLab
 * Embedded System
 * SEO
 * Digital Marketing
 * PHP
 * Web Designing
 * Cloud Computing
 * Data Mining
 * Android
 * Mobile App Development
 * Amazon Cloud
 * Web Mining
 * Software Testing

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